About Us



Established Sonal Enterprises

Sonal Enterprises was formed by Mr. Uday Jethva. Sonal Enterprises catered the Architectural hardware market in Mumbai to start with. Over a period of time the firm expanded to other parts of the country.

Operating Pan India

In 2005 the firm got distributorship and became channel partner with few of the Multinational brands of this industry. The growth of the firm doubled every year. The firm was now managing its operations pan India.


Launched Windor India

After the experience for more than 12 years, the firm now was capable to launch its own brand. Thus WINDOR INDIA PVT. LTD. was formed along with Mr. Chetan Vasani as the co-founder. The products were marketed under the brand name of WINDOR. This was a big step for Mr. Uday Jethva towards his dream to form a big brand.

Team of 4 directors

Mr. Nitesh Somavanshi & Mr. Jignesh Parmar joined the company and formed a strong team. Now Windor has 4 pillars as their 4 directors.



Established Sonal Enterprises

In 1998 Mr. Uday Jethva founded the Sonal Enterprises, a company that caters to the Architectural hardware market. In its initial years it started consolidating its position in Mumbai; with hard work, determination and in time, it expanded to other parts of the country.

Operating Pan India

The year 2005 was a game changer. Sonal Enterprises gained distributorship and made channel partner alongside multiple Multinational brands from the industry. The growth rate of the company has been phenomenal, and now they manage operations that span all across the Indian peninsula.

Launched Windor India

2010 marked 12 years of blood and sweat exerted into the firm. After years of hard work and grind, Sonal Enterprises was able to launch its own brand! And finally, WINDOR INDIA PVT LTD was born. With Mr. Uday Jethva and Mr. Chetan Vasani as co-founders, this was a big step to make their dream of being a big brand come true.

Team of 4 directors

Mr. Nitesh Somavanshi & Mr. Jignesh Parmar joined the company in 2015 and became 2 of the 4 vital members of the company. With such qualified directors on board, Windor became truly unstoppable.

Company Profile

"Our aim is to provide the best quality products with innovative range of designs. Give your design a touch of excellence".

We provide our commitment to regularly introduce new designs, finishes which will only work to enhance the projects. Working with architects and consultants to provide creative, stylish and practical design solutions will be our main aim.

Our Team

Windor India stands strong today, thanks to our 4 pillars!

Uday Jethva -

Company’s heart and soul

Since early childhood, Mr.Jethva has been exposed to the workings of a business and has grown to become immensely fond of it. His fervor for hardware products, led him to enter the world of Architectural hardware. For more than 20 years, he has been an integral part of this industry. His morals make him to be dedicated, hardworking and collaborative. His tireless efforts have played a great role in consolidating the company.

Nitesh Somavanshi -

Our Visionary

Growing up in a business oriented family, he has a knack for business. His portfolio comprises of a MBA in Financial Management and working as a Finance Manager in a reputed company, has been a gift to Windor. He stands to be one of the company’s most valuable assets. With his dream of making Windor into an MNC brand, we know he truly is unstoppable.

Chetan Vasani -

Our Support system

Mr. Chetan Vasani is Electrical Engineer by qualification. He joined the business world in 1995 , and has been working for over 20 years in this industry. Since he joined the company in 2004, Mr. Vasani has played a crucial role at Sonal Enterprises. His vast experience and his incomparable knowledge, has helped the company expand a great deal.